Volunteer Opportunities at CEO

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DSC06229Community Educational Outreach invites you to join our team by tutoring students in reading, writing, math, social studies, science, job search strategies, computers and life skills. A lead teacher coordinates each class and is assisted by trained, volunteer tutors. Volunteers also assist with curriculum development, fundraising, grant writing, advocacy, marketing, and tech support. Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in the field of adult education. On occasion, paid positions become available and volunteers are invited to apply.

Time Commitment

Volunteers typically commit to either one or two sessions a week on a day and time that works for them and the site. Sessions generally run two–three hours and students benefit the most from tutors who are able to offer consistent, long-term service. A tutor better serves students by volunteering two hours per week for three years rather than six hours per week for six months. Each site has a diverse student population and some sites have additional volunteer hours or opportunities available.


  • 18 years of age or older
  • Dependable
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Caring attitude
  • Creative, patient, and understanding
  • Open to new experiences


  1. Be on time & maintain set schedule
  2. Honor commitments
  3. Staff and students depend upon you to provide instruction and assistance during the sessions that you have chosen. Your reliability is essential to the work of the agency. The lead teacher will give you a phone number to call should you have a last minute emergency.)
  4. Respect the confidences entrusted to you. There may be information you learn about a student and we trust that this information will not be shared with others.
  5. Follow all agency policies and procedures; each site must maintain accurate records pertaining to student activities, progress, and attendance.
  6. Maintain boundaries—CEO asks that you set appropriate boundaries in your relationships with students and remember that your primary purpose is to assist students in the attainment of their educational goals. Do not exchange personal information with students, and talk with instructors if you are unsure about an issue
  7. Always remain open-minded and respectful of the differences you may encounter. You probably will have students who have made different choices than you have made and whose values are different from yours. Please recognize that this may be as much of an educational experience for you as it is for our students.


Volunteers are invited to attend CEO’s new-tutor orientation and observe class prior to placement. The lead teacher at each location serves as a resource for volunteers and provides feedback as needed or requested. For additional feedback and assistance, please alert the lead teacher and they will do their best to accommodate your needs.

If you would like to serve as a volunteer for CEO, please email

For additional volunteer training opportunities, please visit the Literacy Coalition of Colorado’s website: http://www.literacycolorado.org

Volunteer Job Descriptions


tutorCEO collaborates with volunteers in order to provide specialized, one–on–one instruction for students. Volunteers work with students to help them improve reading, writing, math, science, social studies, job search strategies, computer and life skills. Tutors work one–one–one with students or in small groups. Volunteers are matched with students who are in need of tutoring or they make themselves available to students in the classroom and provide help as needed.

Workshop Instructor

CEO invites volunteers to specialize in different subject areas by offering small group instruction in the form of workshops. The workshops typically run one hour, and are offered once a week. Workshops can be held in reading, writing, science, social studies, math, resume writing, online job search strategies, budgeting or other academic, employment, or life skills topic.

Curriculum Developer

Volunteers can add to the curriculum by creating new learner objectives and designing lessons to assist students achieve their goals. Volunteers may choose to review and analyze current curriculum or create new curriculum.

Volunteer Coordinator

CEO is looking for a volunteer to assist with volunteer coordination for all CEO sites. This position requires excellent communication and organization skills, a long-term commitment (1 year or more), a willingness to become familiar with all of CEO’s sites and schedules. Coordination will include recruiting new volunteers, communicating with lead instructors, and organizing volunteer schedules.

Administrative Assistant

Volunteers can assist by making photocopies, organizing printed materials, updating curriculum notebooks, and entering data. In addition, Administrative Assistants can assist during student orientations and assessments as well as grade practice high school equivalency tests. On occasion, CEO may require assistance with sending emails, creating flyers, and helping to organize events. The ability to edit and enhance new materials is also useful.


Fundraising is a constant element in supporting the programs and CEO looks to volunteers to aid in fundraising efforts. Both money and supplies are needed and can be obtained from many different sources within the community. We appreciate and value the creativity and networking abilities of volunteers who work to raise funds and in-kind support.

Grant Writing

CEO is always looking to diversify funding through grant opportunities in order to support current programs and introduce new programs. CEO also strives to reach more students by securing funding for new sites. Volunteers are invited to participate in grant research and proposal writing.


Volunteers are community representatives who are able to approach legislatures and politicians to promote adult education and rehabilitation for offenders. Advocacy is an essential part of creating awareness, obtaining community support, and ensuring that funds will be available to adult literacy programs.


CEO is currently in search of volunteers with strong marketing skills who are interested in securing strategic partnerships and corporate sponsors. In addition, CEO is always in need of up to date marketing materials and relevant statistics to utilize in our marketing efforts.

Information Technology Support

The computer lab is an integral part of our programs and requires continuous upkeep and maintenance. Volunteers troubleshoot problems as they occur as well as perform general upkeep on the equipment. Plus, there is always a need for updated computers and equipment.

Professional Volunteer

CEO welcomes all professional volunteers who are interested in providing non-profit consulting or other pro–bono assistance. Volunteers are encouraged to contact CEO to discuss any ideas.

A CEO High School Equivalency Degree Success Story

Regis University Volunteer Tutor Kaitie speaks with client Philip about his success obtaining his high school equivalency at Community Educational Outreach


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