At-Risk Adult Resources

Felon Resources:

Listed alphabetically – Reviewed September, 2016 – Click on Titles to Visit Web Sites


Background Check (“CheckPeople”)

This resource (presented as a free resource) once a name is entered, proceeds through an approximately 5-minute data gathering processing covering an array of background topic areas.

At the conclusion of the search you are presented with the “activation” step which – of course requires a $1.00 “limited time offer” and a requirement for a credit card registration. So that is far as I proceed with this resource.

Be There for Your Kids

“Our ultimate goal is to improve the well-being of children by building community access across Colorado to fatherhood programs and services.

Community Re-Entry Center – Denver

Educational and Employment Resources 940 Broadway – Denver (303) 763-2481 Colorado Re-Entry Center Publication (PDF) (A 14-page extensive resource guide)

Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

“Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition (CCJRC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate the overuse of the criminal justice system and advance community health and safety. We are people convicted of crime, survivors of crime, and the families and allies of both. We advocate and organize for public safety strategies that are more holistic, effective and just.”

Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

“The mission of CCJRC is eliminate the overuse of the criminal justice system and advance community health and safety. Our goals are to (1) advocate for alternatives to prison expansion; (2) research and design specific reforms of policies driving growth in the prison populations, with an emphasis on drug policy, parole and reentry; (3) build and facilitate a statewide coalition; and (4) serve as a resource for prisoners, parolees and their families.”

Colorado Department of Corrections

With this web site you can locate, transfer money, write or call an inmate and locate official policies from the State of Colorado Department of Corrections

e-Colorado Re-Entry Services

“Community Re-Entry provides unique programs and support services through an intensive ‘case management model.’ Multiple services are delivered and/or programs utilized to assist the offender’s transition plan. Delivery of services and programs are incentive- based, and are part of the offenders’ community supervision plan”

Community Education Centers, Inc. (CEC)

“CEC is a leading national provider of rehabilitative services for offenders in reentry and in-prison treatment facilities, as well as providing comprehensive management of county, state, and federal jail and detention facilities. The Company provides evidence-based programming for residential and non-residential clients and maintains a documented record of reducing recidivism.

Connecting Colorado

Job Search Resources – Counseling & Events A Connecting Colorado free account is required to access the centers, participate in the employment events, and conduct job search via their extensive job data base – all Colorado Available for all Colorado State residents Web Sites: Workforce Center Locator

Consolidated Credit:

A site to assist with credit reporting and credit repair – Offers a “free debt analysis”

Denver Arts & Skills Center

A non-profit committed to decreasing recidivism through an arts-based crime prevention program. DASC offers its programming in a building that is a workshop as well as a coffee shop that employs only ex-offenders and felons.

Desert Waters Correctional Outreach (DWCO)

DWCO is a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with the mission to promote the occupational, personal and family well-being of the public safety workforce through the provision of support, resources and customized data-driven solutions. While serving all branches of public safety, Desert Waters specializes in the wellness of corrections agencies and corrections staff of all disciplines.

Focus Re-Entry – For Successful Second Chances

“The mission of Focus Reentry is to reduce recidivism and enhance community safety. As the only formal program available to incarcerated individuals who are newly released from the Boulder County Jail, Focus Reentry assigns Mentors to serve as a bridge in the transition back into society, helping individuals to stabilize, rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.”

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

“Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is the largest independent supplier of chaplains for jails and prisons worldwide, serving in 22 states, 1 American territory and 25 countries. Your gifts help Good News bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prisoners. We thank you for helping us reach those others have forgotten.”

Hope After Prison- More Than Redemption

“This is where you can learn more about transitional housing, find help locating it for a loved one, and learn more about what to expect after they are released. Finding transitional housing can be one of the most difficult challenges the person being released, their friends and/or family will face.”

Inside Out Ministries

“Community Re-Entry Place, Inside- Out, is a Ministry to help ex-offenders, hurting, wounded, homeless, and addicted, those who need a “re-entry” back to life by the rebuilding of their lives with Jesus as the guide.”

Legal Match:

A site assisting you with locating a local lawyer – and advertised as “fast, free and confidential”. This resource includes a “Criminal Defense” category which further includes a “Felonies” sub category for search purposes.

Literacy Coalition of Colorado

“Promotes and fosters adult literacy in all forms with ongoing professional development opportunities, volunteer training and referrals, and other projects to meet the changing needs of adult literacy agencies in Colorado. We are dedicated to supporting programs whose mission is adult education, in all forms, and the opportunities these programs create so businesses can hire, people can work and families can thrive.”

New Foundations Alternatives to Violence (AVP)

“AVP offers service programs in Colorado communities and prisons. AVP is an international volunteer program that enables participants to deal with potentially violent situations in new and creative ways.”

Offender Education – Department of Education

Provides contact information relating to obtaining transcripts, and requesting GED scores or diplomas

Own Your Future (Colorado College)

“If you have been convicted of a crime, you can face extra challenges finding work and getting further education. Own Your Future will help you create a plan to meet your goals and thrive on the outside.”

Re-Entry Programs by State – (All State Index)

Reintegration Services

“St. Francis Center Employment Services provides services designed to give former offenders the hope and support they need to succeed. We help disadvantaged, hardworking people overcome barriers, and rebuild self-sufficiency, confidence, and pride.”


“Starting over and needing help? Looking for current info on jobs, health care, housing, and more? Welcome to!  We have the resource info you need to start over and succeed.  Our hot topics are at the top of the page. They’ll get you started fast.”

Remerge has produced a video explaining how to use the site:  Visit their home page to view the video.

Turnabout, Inc.

The Turnabout, Inc. career center provides employment, career and education services designed to give former offenders the hope and support they need to succeed. We help disadvantaged, hardworking people overcome barriers, and reverse the cycle of poverty and crime in our Metro Denver communities.

Publications for Former Felons

” Beyond Bars: Rejoining Society After Prison”

Authors Jeffrey Ian Ross and Stephen C. Richards – Published 2007:

Amazon Availability Here – Current low price $10.44 plus shipping. Ebay Availability Here – Current low pricing $5.00 plus $2.61 shipping.

Community Educational Outreach Transition Services

This is a 14-page reference guide providing many Denver area community transition assistance resources – CEO – Re-Entry Resources (PDF Document)

Denver Public Library Programs

Federal Bonding Program

“Bonds for commercial bonding at no cost to the employer to acquire skilled workers or to the Employee to overcome employment barriers.” Colorado Workforce Center Federal Bonding Program booklet (PDF)

“Jobs for Felons – How to Find Employment If You Have a Criminal Record”

Author Michael Ford – First published 2009

Amazon Availability Here – Current low price $6.95 plus shipping – EBay Availability Here – Current low price $7.38 with free shipping

Offender’s Job Hunting Guide: The “Ex-Offender’s Job Hunting Guide
10 Steps to a New Life in the Work World”:

Authors: Ron and Caryl Krannich – Published 2005:

Amazon Availability Here – Current low price one cent plus $3.99 shipping. EBay Availability Here – Current low price $3.97 with free shipping.

“Support Programs for Ex-Offenders: A State-by-State Directory”

Author Harry Spiller

Amazon Availability Here – Current low price $32.00 plus shipping. EBay Availability Here – Current low price $39.70 with free shipping

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

The WOTC provides a federal income tax credit for employers who hire ex-felons. Work Opportunity Tax Credit booklet (PDF)

On-Line Articles for Former Felons

Background Reports and the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Building a Web Site for – Felon Training Program

Convicted Felon – I Am So Much More Than That

Criminal Thinking: Your Guide to a Productive Mind Set

Felon Voting Rights for U.S. States

Job Interview Question & Answer: “Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Crime” – How to Answer

Sealing Criminal Records in Colorado
Sealing Records Word Format
Sealing Records PDF Format

Job Search Resources for Former Felons

Arapahoe/Douglas Workforce Center Job Search Articles

This is a series of publications made available by the Arapahoe/Douglas County Workforce Centers

A/D WFC – Background Checks for Ex-Offenders
A/D WFC – Process for Requesting Federal Bonding (including form)
A/D WFC – Form a (Job Search) Network
A/D WFC – Job Application Tips for Ex Offenders
A/D WFC – Job Interviews for Ex-Offenders
A/D WFC – Resume Tips Ex-Offenders
A/D WFC – Top Ten Employer Pet Peeves for Resumes
A/D WFC – Skills for Ex-Offender Job Seekers
A/D WFC – (Job) Tips for Ex-Offender Job Seekers

Bayaud Enterprises – Vocational Assessment

Bayaud offers a wide range of vocational rehabilitation and workforce training programs to help people identify goals, mitigate barriers they may experience, and obtain successful employment outcomes.

Denver Public Library Articles

“How to Respond to the Felony Question”
“Your Criminal Record” (CBI Criminal Report)

Help for Felons – Jobs for Felons in Colorado

“At the bottom of the page you will find many companies that hire felons in all of Colorado. Please take note that every company listed does hire felons in some capacity but exact policies vary per position and/or location.”

Jobs for Felons

“Our website is dedicated to helping those who have gone through the criminal justice system and are looking for successful reentry into society. This is more than just a website, it’s a community of people helping each other that was created by those who want to help get felons back to work and live normal lives. If this is your first time visiting our website, we recommend you visit our Jobs For Felons page to start your job search, or go to our getting started page to understand all of the information and resources we have available.”

Jobs for Felons Articles



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