Breaking The Cycle

Regis University Develop Info Graphics
for Community Educational Outreach

The Regis student team of Sophomores Hayley, Natasha and Samantha – as part of their Spring Student Project provided CEO with these info-graphics relating to the mission and purpose of the CEO program – as well as the challenges of “breaking the cycle” in today’s corrections environment.  (NOTE: The reports and final Info-Graphics” are the creation of the Regis student team – and were not directed by CEO)


Community Educational Outreach Services
“Breaking the Cycle” Info-Graphic

CEO Services Infographic

Regis Student Project Info-Graphic
“What’s Wrong with the American Prison System?”

American Prison System 1 American Prison System 2

Regis Student Project Inf-Graphic
“If America’s Prison System Was a Village of One Hundred People”

American Prison System VILLAGE




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