Community Outreach

Community Collaboration

Community Educational Outreach networks within the surrounding community to share resources, inform organizations of our mission, and to draw upon expertise and experiences from non-profits and other organizations.

Here we feature the organizations and business programs and initiatives to improve CEO’s ultimate mission, to provide a successful transition for our Clients.

Red Rocks Community College Gateway Program

In the late summer of 2016, CEO invited a graduate of the Red Rocks Community College Gateway Program to present to Community Educational Outreach clients.

RRCC’s Gateway program is an academic program designed specifically for ex-offenders. CEO has several students who wish to pursue the Gateway program, and more will follow.


The Focus of the Program

  • Gateway starts with the toughest population.
  • We instill hope through support.
  • We retain and graduate students.
  • We prepare students for schools and jobs.
  • We reduce recidivism and substance abuse.
  • We improve quality of life.

Click here or on the logo above to visit the Gateway Program web page and watch a webinar presentation.