CEO Clients Extend Appreciation

CEO Staff Member Scott….

… provides us with this recent experience:

CEO Instructor Scott Dinges – Men’s Facility

“I had the pleasure of running into three of our previous clients in the last two weeks. I say “pleasure” because they were genuinely glad to see me. They all shared how they are doing well.

The first former client rolled up on his motorcycle at the entrance of Walmart. I heard, ‘Hey! I thought that was you. Tell everyone I’m doing good, I’m clean and enjoying life. Thanks again for everything you guys do.’

The second client yelled my name across a parking lot of Harleys. He told me that he’s working hard, staying clean and sober and enjoying his brand new Harley he bought last weekend.  The third gentleman didn’t yell me over. He’s deaf.

He sure got my attention and was very pleased to introduce me to his sweetheart, who was also deaf. It didn’t take words to see his sense of accomplishment and the gratitude that he had for me and the CEO Team.  Keep up the good work. We’re changing lives, one at a time.”


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