CEO Success Story – Meet Lori

What CEO Has Done for Me

Lori Johnston, CEO Pueblo GED Math student

Lori came to us, a very shy young woman lacking in confidence.  She had a tragic past and repeatedly told us she wasn’t very good at math or anything.  We didn’t take that for an answer.  When Lori first started taking the Math Foundations class, she would come in to open lab and sit with an instructor just to make sure she was doing it “right.”She was.

In time, we joked and said was all she needed was a warm body hovering over her and she could do any math problem.   Lori finished the class and improved her math skills by 3 grade levels.  She is currently preparing to take the GED.  We are very proud of Lori not just for her improvement in math but for coming out of her shell.  She is a vibrant, positive addition to any CEO classroom.

Here’s Lori in her own words:

“I started my classes in April of this year and since then, thanks to hard work and some really great teachers, I have made an incredible amount of progress in my studies and soon I will be able to take my GED – which is a major goal for me.   My math teacher Naz is patient with me and I’m sure that isn’t always easy.  He never gets mad and takes his time explaining everything until I understand it.  I guess the main thing CEO has done for me is to bring up my self-esteem and make me realize my capabilities.”


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