CEO December 2016 Student Of The Month

Meet Danny Digman – Outstanding Student at CEO


CEO Student of the Month – Danny Digman

Danny Digman has had perfect attendance in his last language arts class, attended numerous tutoring sessions on his own accord, and has made huge improvements in his academics (while he has been working full time).

Danny went from a 5.5 level to a 6.9+ in his first language arts class, not an easy thing to do! He also just passed his first official TASC test in social studies!  Congratulate him when you see him in the halls!

His continuous dedication and positive attitude have been noticed by all CEO staff member and for those reasons we are proud to have him at student of the month for January!

From Danny’s Case Manager at ICCS – Dianna: “YAY!!!! I know he has been working hard so I am glad to know that he got student of the month! I will definitely be awarding him 25 BSMART points for this. Thank you!”

Congratulations to Danny Digman – Our Community Educational Outreach “Student of the Month”!


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