Colorado Resource Aims to Reduce Recidivism

Remerg Is On the Move!

A new web site is up and running, the creation of former Community Educational Outreach Board Member, Carol Peeples.


The mission of “Remerg” is:

“Remerg was founded with a mission to reduce recidivism. Why? Because when people fail to succeed upon release from incarceration it costs everyone: them, their families, their communities, and the state. At this point in time, roughly half of the people released from incarceration fail to succeed and return to prison or jail.

“We built this website for anyone in the criminal justice system in Colorado, whether you’re under supervision or not. is also intended to be a resource for friends and family members, as well as organizations that work with this population.”

Carol Peeples – Founder

Carol Peeples

Carol Peeples – Founder

“Founder Carol Peeples was an educator in public and elite private schools for several years and earned a master of arts in English from Middlebury College’s Breadloaf School of English. However, the experience of teaching in a prison classroom was pivotal, and since then she has worked in criminal justice reform, founded a voter education project for people disenfranchised by incarceration, and co-authored the re-entry guide as well as writing a hiring guide for employers. She recently earned a Master of Arts in Public Administration from the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Public Affairs.”

Support Remerg

Remerg has provided the following information relating to what you can do to help support their effort.  You might want to seriously consider item number 4 below which is a great deal!

  1. It would be terrific if you can help out with a donation during these critical first months post launch while we build the website traffic necessary for advertisers to see a return on their marketing investment. There’s a PayPal button on, under the Support Us link.
  2. Help us get the word out. If you know anyone who works with this population, or anyone who is coming out of incarceration, tell them about We’re offering free in-service demonstrations of to halfway house and nonprofit staff, and any other professional meeting where there’s an appropriate audience. All of our promotional posters and informational brochures are free, as well.
  3. Buy an advertisement, or tell someone else who might. Our advertising/marketing rates are beyond reasonable, at $500 a year for nonprofits. Corporate rates are higher, but still just as reasonable.
  4. If you need to have a website built, contact us. IT Director Steve Mursuli will do it for a fraction of the cost others charge, and all proceeds support
  5. Forward this email to your contact list, perhaps with a brief introduction from you explaining why you’re forwarding it.

Local Colorado Resources from Remerg

The Remerg web site is loaded with informative and useful resources including documents and web site re-directs covering many areas of assistance, and information to aid persons in transitions as well as family members, employers and organizations associated and or working with those transitioning from the criminal justice system in Colorado.

Below, we have highlighted a few of the resource links with direct relevancy to post corrections transitions.  Consult the Remerg Web Site for many more.

  1. Company Job Employment Applications:
  2. Colorado Department of Education High School Equivalency Testing Program
  3. Emily Griffith High School Equivalency Page
  4. Colorado Department of Education Adult Education Initiatives
  5. Humboldt Consultants Interviewing and Hiring Applicants with a Criminal Record
  6. Lost/Stolen Driver License, Permit or ID Card
  7. Process to Reinstate Driving Privilege
  8. Order a Birth Certificate
  9. Colorado Legal Services Locations
  10. YouTube Video “Sealing Court Records in Colorado”
  11. Colorado Judicial Branch “Sealing of Criminal Conviction Records”
  12. Re-Entry Organizations
  13. Community Agencies (Providing Assistance on Re-Entry)

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