Team Spirit at Greeley CEO!

Instruction Staff Enjoy Art Session in Greeley

The Staff at Community Educational Outreach Greeley took a little time recently to celebrate their participation in and winning of a CEO Team Spirit competition with the other CEO locations in Pueblo, Lakewood and Denver, Colorado.


To celebrate, the CEO instruction staff attended an art class together (master pieces displayed above) followed by Pizza.

CEO Greeley Clients Provide a Tip-of-the-Hat to the Greeley Staff

CEO Greeley Client Brett:

“CEO HIRE program helps with better learning in the job search with resumes, better computer skills, presentations of job preparation, learning to deal with bosses and supervisors and co-workers. CEO also helps to teach time management, supply handling, and crisis in the workforce. I know that the instructors Erica and Lexi have been very inspirational and helpful to me and other clients that go through the program.”

CEO Greeley Client Cameron:

“Erica and Lexi, here at ICCS Weld County, are both amazing teachers! They have both helped me a great deal in multiple aspects of improving my life! First, they gave me valuable resources for acquiring documents vital to success in the community. Documents such as a Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, and State ID were much easier to obtain with their aid. Next, they gave me guidance in placement testing where I achieved college level scores in multiple subjects.

Both teachers also walked me through, step by step, with creating a resume, cover letter, and thank you letter. This help put me in an exponentially better position for gaining employment and becoming a productive member of society. I also gained valuable skills in applying for jobs, emailing resumes and cover letters to potential employers, and while doing mock interviews.

In conclusion, the staff here at Weld County ICCS CEO has given me priceless knowledge, skills, and resources for long term success. I couldn’t ask for better teachers.”


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