Colorado Construction Careers at CEO

Men’s Facility Presentations Provides Inspiration for Future Careers


Twelve Community Educational Outreach clients attended a recent presentation conducted by Emma Donahue, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Denver area, representing Colorado Construction Careers. (Click on the image above to visit their web site).

Emma Donohue

Emma Donahue – Colorado Construction Careers

Will Whitaker – ICCS Men’s Facility Program Coordinator reports “The presentation was very well received. Clients were really excited about the opportunity. Several clients have started to put a lot more focus and effort into their high school equivalency (HSE)  programs, as it is a prerequisite for acceptance into the Colorado Construction Careers program.”

The program is represented and supported by an impressive group of trades coalition members ranging from many local union affiliates to contractor groups.

Incentive for an HSE

The program offers sixteen professional trade group careers ranging from electrical, to plumbing, carpentry, boiler industry and more.  Successful applicants into the trade programs are able to begin earning an income while studying for their selected trade.  This is then followed by placement assistance into an apprentice position.

This is an ideal program for CEO clients in planning on their post ICCS/CEO residency.  And because the program does require a high school equivalency degree, this serves as an additional incentive for clients to enroll in an CEO conducted HSE prior to completion of their residency.

Colorado Construction Careers will be visiting and presenting at CEO’s women’s facility in early December.



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