CEO Greeley Student/Clients Speak

Client’s Journey in Education – Opportunity


Community Educational Outreach Client Anthony

“After my arrival at ICCS, I began a program for evaluating my education and providing assistance with writing a resume and cover letter. I had difficulty reading the material as I didn’t have any prescription eye glasses. I was given a pair of reading glasses for temporary use, and CEO helped me get a pair of prescribed ones.”

(Side note: In February, 2016, Lexi was able to connect with America’s Best Glasses and Contacts and the local store donated 5 vouchers for a free eye exam and 2 pairs of prescription glasses. Anthony was one of the lucky recipients of these vouchers!)

Community Educational Outreach Client Austin

“Erica and Lexi helped me a lot when I first got here. I got put into the HIRE program and they not only gave me resources to get my ID and birth certificate, but also showed me how to make a resume and cover letter. Erica at the CEO classroom then gave me a list of felony friendly jobs and showed me how to apply and even set up a practice interview.

They helped me get a job quick.”

Community Educational Outreach Client Barbara

“When I attended HIRE class, I had only been here a month so my attitude was sad. Having Erica for a teacher changed my whole outlook. She was a good teacher- explained things and always gave positive feedback.

I started to like the class and was disappointed when I moved on.  I think that for anyone who wants to work a good program, HIRE is where to start.”


(Community Educational Outreach (CEO) is a Colorado Front Range non-profit devoted to providing educational resources that target low-income adults who may be at risk of being institutionalized. CEO outreaches to local community correction, drug rehabilitation, and community based facilities in an effort to help clients remain productive members of society.  Visit our Volunteer & Donate pages to learn how you may assist CEO in it’s mission.)


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