CEO Extends Community Reach

Partnering for Future Client Success

(Editor Note: CEO will be featuring each of the organization programs outlined here by Will Whitaker in upcoming posts)

Will Aug sizedBy Will Whitaker – CEO Men’s Facility Program Coordinator

Over the last few months, CEO has hosted several organizations who presented on college and career readiness.

Red Rocks Community College Gateway Program

In August, we invited a graduate of the Red Rocks Community College Gateway Program to present. RRCC’s Gateway program is an academic program designed specifically for ex-offenders. We have several students who wish to pursue the Gateway program, and currently one student plans to enroll in January.


Ability to Benefit Program

In September, the Community College of Denver presented on their new “Ability to Benefit” program, which allows students to earn a professional certificate, even if they do not have a High School Equivalency. CEO has been in communication with ICCS* and CC Denver, and we’re excited to announce that one ICCS client has already applied to CC Denver, and is enrolled to start classes in January.

Recently, CEO attended a Reentry Transition to College Brainstorming session, also hosted by the Community College of Denver. Several community organizations attended and discussed strategies to address the many needs of students reentering the community. CEO is honored to be a part of this community collaboration, which will be ongoing.


Colorado Parent Employment Project

Also in September, CEO hosted representatives from the Colorado Parent Employment Project (CO-Pep) to share information and resources that are available to students who struggle with paying child-support. ICCS case managers have begun referring clients to CO-Pep, and have reported very positive feedback. CEO is currently working with ICCS case managers, to identify clients who would benefit from CO-PEP services.


Colorado Construction Careers

In November, CEO will host Colorado Construction Careers, who will present on their many work apprenticeships. This is an exciting opportunity for clients to begin earning a wage, while at the same time working towards a professional certificate. ICCS clients have expressed a strong interest in these types of opportunities, and we hope to have several clients apply.


Community Reentry Project

Finally, CEO contacted Colorado Community Reentry to learn about the many training sessions that they conduct for professionals in the corrections field. Community Reentry has invited CEO staff to attend their meetings, and CEO in turn has invited the ICCS staff.



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