A CEO Success Story from Pueblo Colorado

Meet CEO Client/Student Anthony

Submitted by the Pueblo CEO Instructor Staff


When I first met Anthony, his sheer size terrified me. Why lie? I am all of five feet, one inch, whereas Anthony walks into a room with his six feet, seven inch frame, filling the doorway, and ducking his head under the door frame as he moves from room to room.

His body has been a canvas for tattoo artists, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. As it has turned out, Anthony is a gentle giant. He is smart, articulate and helpful; he has tutored other clients for us. Now let’s hear from Anthony:

“I wanted to write a letter about my experience while here at ICCS and involved with the CEO program.  It has probably been the best experience I have had while I have been here.

The two ladies that I have interacted with the most are Gloria and Leisa.  They have been absolutely amazing in their dedication in helping those that come through the CEO program.  Unlike most of the staff that we interact with daily here at ICCS, these two always are upbeat and helpful and willing to go above and beyond to help those that actually want help AND those that do not want help.  They are very patient and kind…especially in an environment that doesn’t seem to promote that.

Jennifer is a very nice lady and from what I have seen and heard, she does really well, the people like her very much…I just personally haven’t interacted with her much myself. I am very thankful for ICCS having the CEO program, I believe that this is the best program ICCS has to offer and you couldn’t ask for two better ladies to be teaching here with the students.

They have a genuine love for what they do and you can see it in how they work.  I am glad that I was able to be a part of it during my stay here and would love to return to help and tutor as I have been, if I am able to do so.

Gloria and Leisa are amazing women…you need more people like them around here and I am sure you would notice the attitudes of the people here would change.  You have a very great asset in these two ladies…don’t lose them and what they have to offer these students here.”

M. Anthony Mendiola

(Community Educational Outreach (CEO) is a Colorado Front Range non-profit devoted to providing educational resources that target low-income adults who may be at risk of being institutionalized. CEO outreaches to local community correction, drug rehabilitation, and community based facilities in an effort to help clients remain productive members of society.  Visit our Volunteer & Donate pages to learn how you may assist CEO in it’s mission.)

CEO Graduates

CEO Graduates


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