CEO Student of the Month & Client Testimonials

CEO September Client of the Month Recognized

SCOTT MICHELLE CEO INST(Submitted by CEO Instructor Michelle Clark – Lakewood Men’s Facility)

I am proud to announce that Edmund Hererra is student of the month this time around! He opted to take CEO educational classes even though it was not required. During his time in Language Arts, he had perfect attendance and turned in every piece of his homework, which is quite a feat.

He always has a joke or some funny anecdote waiting for you every time you see him. He is often seen coaching the younger population of students here with a wise and calm demeanor. It has been a privilege to have him in my class.

I wish more students had his enthusiasm for education!

CEO Pueblo Clients Share Experiences


“There are multiple reasons why I love CEO. I like that the teachers allow me to come down and help people out. I really enjoy tutoring the other clients down here. I feel like I’m giving back.

Coming down and interacting with the other clients gives me a chance to get away from all the “lady drama” upstairs. I get to come down and use my skills to help people learn and, hopefully in the end, they will succeed and reach their goals. I think it’s really cool that I get to help people achieve their goals. I love CEO and the opportunities it gives me and others.”

Gretchen Bear – CEO Pueblo Client

“I love CEO because it is a place of education and learning. It reminds me I am not too old to learn new things. It has renewed my desire to study, learn, and seek knowledge. The staff has been so very helpful. They have been patient and understanding of my inability to work on the computers. And they have taken the time to educate me. As I was guided through the steps of writing a resume and setting up and email address, I felt empowered and proud.

Things I did not think I could do, I did and did them well. I have also discovered the library and found a few books I hope to have the time to read. I have found I enjoy reading more and more. I hope to keep up this habit as I continue down the road of my future. This is something I am very happy to have rediscovered in myself.

I owe a big “Thank you!” to the staff for their guidance and support. I have to admit I was a little scared when I started this program. With all the help I have received at CEO, I feel I can be a success at whatever I choose to do. So, yes, I love CEO! Thank you!”

James Brewer – CEO Pueblo Client


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