A CEO Success Story from Lakewood

Meet CEO Client/Student Edmund Herrera

Making a Choice – Moving Ahead

SCOTT MICHELLE CEO INST(Submitted by CEO Instructor Michelle Clark – Men’s Facility in Lakewood)



“On July 29th, 2016, I arrived at ICCS and went through the regular screening process by taking the TABE test to see where I was in my education. After a long period of time being incarcerate, I already knew. I am very thankful for all of the staff here at CEO (Will, Michelle, Scott, and April) helping with GED classes, computer classes,and  allowing me to participate in the educational program here.

Passed Over in Corrections

Throughout my long term of incarceration, somewhere along the way I fell behind and was always passed over because individuals who came in the system with very little time were put ahead of me to receive education. Because of this, I fell further and further behind and I lacked the basic computer skills and education skills as well. Now, in the age of the computer, I am a lost soul trying find my way back into society, which will be a task in itself.

With the CEO educational program, I didn’t have to do it because I was released by a special education testing.  All I was required to do, per Federal guidelines, was to go up a literacy level. I choose to do the CEO classes anyway.

Overcoming the Barriers

Due to my serious substance abuse and head traumas, I am unable to obtain my GED and my literacy level will always remain stagnant. As I said before, I didn’t HAVE to do CEO classes, I chose to because I know I am behind on my literacy level. The staff chose to be here, not only to help me as they did, but to help each and every student who is lacking in education because they truly care.

I truly wish I could move forward with my education. Every day is a learning experience for and those four people I mentioned of the letter, care about us and our education. I have a great deal of respect for them and for what they’ve done for me in such a short amount of time. They got my literacy level up and, on my own, I will continue to move forward by getting into computer classes and by studying hard.

Believe me, you don’t want to walk in my shoes because they are a big pair of shoes to fill. Knowledge is power and it comes only through hard work  and I’ll continue to work had in all that I do.

So, I want to thank you again, Will, Michelle, Scott, and April for allowing me to participate in your education program here with CEO while at ICCS.

Thank you,”

Edmund Herrera


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