CEO Student Duo – On the Path to Success

(The following success story comes from our Community Educational Outreach instructional staff in Greeley, Colorado)


Meet Angie & Stephanie

“My experience in the CEO class has helped me with my anger issues due to me not being patient. I also learned how to focus on what I’m supposed to be doing for myself as well as my future. I don’t give myself enough credit sometimes and without second guessing it, I passed my reading test, moving up two levels by the time I took my post-test. I think that the CEO teachers are very supportive, understanding, and patient in dealing with us.”


“The experience that I had in the CEO classroom was a good one. They’ve showed me how to do my resume and cover letter and helped me look for jobs on the computer. I had to take a math class and I enjoyed it very much. Erica made the class a lot of fun and reminded me how much I love doing math. CEO really helped me out a lot since I first got here at ICCS in 2015.”


CEO Clients Angie & Stephanie

CEO Clients Angie & Stephanie in Greeley, Colorado


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