A CEO Success Story – Pueblo, Colorado

Meet Patrick – Community Educational Outreach Client – Pueblo, Colorado

(submitted by the Pueblo CEO Staff )


Patrick is a wise cracker!

Patrick thinks everything is funny and everyone has the ability to laugh. But not so long ago, when he discovered that he would have to be in a Language Arts class, even though he had his GED, the lightness in the world dimmed in his eyes.

Patrick came to CEO with certain notions in his head, like, he had a GED already, so there was no need in improving any language art skills, and what was the purpose of learning anything about a computer, someone else always did that for him.

Dusting Off the GED

Needless to say, Patrick didn’t stay in that mindset for very long because he soon discovered that, yes, he did have a GED, but there were things about language mechanics that he needed to come to terms with and begin to appreciate, which he did as evidenced by his regular attendance twice a week to a Language Arts class.

Patrick was able to have a real appreciation for Language Arts and threw himself into his learning with vigor. He also discovered that knowing his way around a computer opened all kinds of avenues for him with regard to job searching, but also in personal ways.

Dedication to Studies

Patrick has always had a good attitude when around me. The proof that he is learning is evidenced by his regular attendance to class, his dedication to his class studies, his homework and by stretching his own boundaries and applying what he has learned to the computer. His computer capabilities has grown by leaps and bounds over the past three months, and I don’t believe he will leave the computer to others once he’s on his own again.

Now, let’s hear from Patrick himself:

“When first I entered CEO, I was not interested in it at all. I already had my GED, and I did not see the need for any type of computer skills, as my girlfriend has always done these things for me. Well, to say that out loud today, shows me how bad that sounds and how skewed my thinking was. In retrospect, I have come to realize that not only is it as important to me as being able to feed myself, LOL, but having computer skills and taking a Language Arts class has also been fun, as well as vital to any type of research I will ever need for the rest of my life.”


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