Jeopardy Leads to Success

CEO Clients Conquer Jeopardy on the Way to the GED

Recently I was volunteering at the Lakewood CEO men’s facility.  I was pleasantly surprised when I glanced in at a class being conducted by CEO instructor Jacklynn Blanchard.


CEO Instructor Jacklynn Blanchard

As part of the education preparation program for those improving their skill levels and also those pursuing the GED, Jacklynn was hosting a game of educational “Jeopardy”, with CEO clients participating in the style of the long-time television show.


“They enjoy the challenge,” reports Jacklynn, “and they like the competition as well” she reports.  The game is a cleverly devised interactive/linked PowerPoint version, complete with a “Final Jeopardy” round including the music theme.

One of the primary Community Educational Outreach goals is improving education levels and providing GED preparation.   All CEO clients participate in an assessment when entering the ICCS/CEO programs.  The goals are established and then clients, in addition to working on life skills, and preparing for productive employment, begin studying to achieve those goals.


Visit our Donation and Volunteer Pages to learn more about becoming involved at CEO.


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