Another CEO Success Story

What Getting My GED Means to Me

By Windy Paskemin – CEO Client

(NOTE:  Whenever possible, all Community Educational Outreach clients are provided with the opportunity to obtain their GED’s.  If you would care to sponsor a CEO GED client in pursuit of this goal, please visit our Donation Page & select the “Support A GED Student” box.)

GED 02“Honestly, what started as an ICCS requirement evolved into a personal goal for me. I never cared in high school about my education, so when I started working on my GED I thought it wasn’t going to be possible for me to pass it.

I passed a couple of my tests when I was in jail with ease but when I got here I struggled with one subject in particular…math. It took MONTHS for me to fully comprehend the different aspects and to pass my practice test. Even after I had passed my practice test I wasn’t confident that I would pass the actual GED exam.

But, with hard work, help from CEO, and, yes, a little luck, I surprised myself and passed! That was the sense of accomplishment I was looking for and I’m genuinely proud of myself.

Getting my GED has opened up so many doors for me, in terms of opportunity. I can go to college! So, if there’s anyone out there doubting themselves and are ready to give up, just keep your head up, stay positive, and be confident in yourself because if I can do it, so can you! Just do it.”


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