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Melissa StafferBy Melissa Maness, ICCS Men’s Facility Program Coordinator

Adult learners often find that there are more barriers to learning than traditional students; work schedules, money concerns, and negative experiences with education in the past can hinder a student’s progress.  Usually, a fresh face and a new perspective can reinvigorate an adult student, but not always.  Sometimes it’s helpful to have a friend to lead the way.  That’s why in addition to our community volunteers, CEO has implemented a Peer Tutoring program at its men’s facility in Lakewood.

Students with high test scores are encouraged to sign up with the Peer Tutoring program to buddy up with other students in need.  Having someone who is in your situation and who you know is in your corner can be a big help!  Peer Tutors are invited to join their partner students in class to help them individually with their assignments, meet their partner during study time, or even go over fractions while eating dinner

CEO Peer Program: Stephen tutors David

CEO Peer Program: Steven tutors David at men’s facility in Lakewood

Not only do Peer Tutors help CEO instructors bridge the classroom gaps between struggling and advanced students, but this program is a great opportunity for students who sign up to be Peer Tutors.  Peer tutors fill out an application, have an interview, and go through an orientation which helps prepare them for the workforce and job search process.  This also gives students valuable volunteer experience to put on their resume, and, better yet, allows the Peer Tutors to list CEO staff as a professional reference for applications.

In the span of one week, Peer Tutors donated over thirteen hours to helping their classmates learn, grow, and become excited for the opportunity to improve.

[Pictured Peer Tutor Steven Davis assists language student David Martinez]


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