CEO Welcomes Ellen Klement

Community Educational Outreach is proud to announce the selection of our newest staff member, Ellen Klement who will be serving as an instructor at CEO’s West Facility in Lakewood (with female clients) and at the Stout Street Foundation in Denver providing GED instruction.KLEMENT

In 2001, Ellen discovered a volunteer opportunity to assist adults who needed to learn English. After moving back to Denver in 2010, Ellen attained full time employment as an adult education instructor teaching English for Second Language Learners with a few of her students also studying to take their GED exams.  The last few years, Ellen has only been focusing on assisting students with practicing the skills necessary to change their lives by furthering their education through the attainment of their high school equivalency diploma.

Ellen realizes the difference an education can make in a person’s life and she brings her passion for life-long learning to the classroom through practical step-by-step instruction. She is excited to help CEO students access their own personal way of learning to master the skills needed for educational and employment success.

Ellen holds a B.S. in Psychology from Carrol University, an M.A. in Psychology from Naropa University, as well as the Adult Basic Education Authorization from the Colorado Department of Education.


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