Regis Students Launch CEO Spring Project

Research & Writing in the Community

Once again, Community Educational Outreach will benefit from the services of a new Regis University student team (Claire Swann, Courtney Bargas and Katerine Milburn) who have chosen CEO for their Spring project which is summarized by their professor Geoffrey Bateman, Ph.D.:

Regis Student Team with CEO Program Director Vanessa Montano (left)

Regis Student Team with CEO Program Director Vanessa Montano (left)


“This course provides a practical introduction to community-based research methodologies and writing for multiple audiences in peace and justice studies. In the first half of the semester, you will learn about the most common research methods by analyzing the writing of other researchers—both journalists and scholars.  You’ll then immerse yourself in the academic scholarship of a social justice issue that relates to the work of local organizations and write a literature review essay synthesizing research in this area. In the second half of the semester, you will work in small groups in collaboration with local community organizations to conduct research that is relevant and responsive to their needs and write for more public, community-based audiences.

Ultimately, we’ll explore the relationship between knowledge, research, writing, social justice, and action, giving you the tools to become more sophisticated researchers and writers working for social justice.”

The CEO Regis team has elected to make contact with community business establishments in order to determine attitudes and bias relating to employment of persons with felonies in their past.  In addition, the students will be meeting CEO clients at the Lakewood facilities in order to experience the programs and challenges that these clients are facing.


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