Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Dan – CEO Math Tutor

Community Educational Outreach benefits greatly from the services provided by our community volunteers including retirees, individuals from the business community and college students.


CEO: Tell us a little bit about your professional background and your teaching career

Dan: I have been teaching since 1978.  If you do the math, that’s 38 years of Jr. High and High School Math.

CEO: How did you happen to select CEO and how long have you been volunteering?

Dan: A special friend told me about CEO and said they could use my help and I been here since 2014.

CEO: What are your volunteer duties at CEO?

Dan: I come in one afternoon a week after completing my teaching duties in Arvada.

CEO: What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of volunteering at CEO?

Dan: Not being able to see the same clients consistently.

CEO: As a volunteer, what are your overall impressions regarding working with the Clients?

Dan: They are respectful, appreciative, and excited to be able to get some help.

CEO: Can you share a special experience you have had while volunteering?

Dan: I was working with a client for five weeks to pass the GED test.  Two weeks later he came by to see me tutoring.  He had a big smile on his face and as he shook my hand and said “You got me to pass my GED”.

CEO: CEO volunteers generally work directly with former felons. This might be intimidating for a perspective volunteer. What would you say to those who may be experiencing some doubts?

Dan: You are a support for them.  They see you as someone positive to help them through something.  There is zero threat.

CEO: Could you offer any advice to others who may be considering volunteering?

Dan: You can make a difference.  Giving back to someone is the easiest thing to do.  Your impact on a client is immeasurable.


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