Achieving the GED in Pueblo!

Congratulations Shawn!

CEO Instructor Gloria

CEO Instructor Gloria

By CEO Pueblo Instructor Gloria Satterfield

When Shawn Jackson came to CEO this summer, he had already successfully passed all of his GED test except math.

Shawn had the fundamentals and just needed some convincing in order to attempt the math section.  Okay, not just some convincing, a lot of convincing.  Shawn’s case manager, Kim and CEO staff instructor, Gloria decided that Shawn was going to get his GED or at least take the math test.

GED Success for Shawn Jackson!!

GED Success for Shawn Jackson!!

After several setbacks, followed by lots of discussion and much encouragement, Shawn decided he would give it a shot.  To quote Shawn, “I don’t have a lot of choice, you are the pushiest women I know.”  Shawn took the GED and scored a 145, just short of the required 150.

CEO instructors Kim and Gloria were worried that Shawn might not have the resilience needed to attempt the test again.  Shawn surprised them both.  He knew what he had missed and dug into extra worksheets on Algebra and of all things, mean, median and mode.  Shawn retook the GED Math section and this time scored a 147.

Initially there was some disappointment, but just a few days later Gloria received a notice that the GED had recalibrated its test requirements and announced that the passing score minimum was 145!   Shawn had not only passed it once but twice!  He jokes that the GED gave it to him, but ICCS staff, CEO instructors and lots of classmates gathered to celebrate Shawn’s success!


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