Colorado Gives Day 2015:

(Editor’s Note: Colorado Gives Day 2015 in Colorado in just a few days away – December 8th.  Several members of the CEO staff are sharing their personal experiences working with CEO clients.  We hope that you will be inspired to take a few moments to read these stories – consider making a contribution, and then pass them along to your friends and family – This reflection comes Erica Jackson, CEO Instructor in the Greeley facility)

Reflections on Success: Roy’s Story

CEO INSTRUCTOR - ERICA JACKSON“I love what I do and here is why…

Each week I teach a class called HIRE, essentially I am helping with resumes, cover letters, teaching computer basics for job search, and other lessons. Daily, I watch my students walk in for the first part of week joyful and ready for a challenge; but by the end of the week the constant denials a felon faces can get them down.

Today, I am reminded of a recent student, Roy, who just landed a job. He spent many months of searching and coming up empty. His first stop after his job offer telephone call was to my classroom. He was grinning ear to ear… and literally doing the happy dance (I was joining in!). I listened to the job and all the highlights of it. A position of dishwasher may seem like a mundane job to you and I, but this position represented much more… security…new life… and way to transition back into society. He and I knew what Dishwashing really meant. In this environment small successes are what makes me come to work and why I love this job.

Community Education Outreach is here when others are not; we are in the classrooms helping others become a productive member of society. It takes caring and dedicated teachers to help in the huge task, and that is why I come to work each day.

It may be just a little awkward to ask my colleagues, friends and family for help, but as Roy taught me…I’m going to feel the fear and do it anyways.  I want to personally ask you to join me and donate to the work I get to do everyday…which you can do right now by clicking on the donate button here:”


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