Colorado Gives Day 2015:

(Editor’s Note: Colorado Gives Day is this coming Tuesday, December 8th – all day – The following CEO success story comes in from CEO’s Greeley facility submitted by CEO Instructor Lexi Dozier – For this story we will meet “Larry”)

Reflections on Success: Larry’s Story


“Two of my students passed their last tests and earned their GEDs on Tuesday!!! I am so proud of both of them, but I am especially proud of one; let me tell you why.

This student came into the program with a horrible attitude, low self esteem, and a rude disposition. Very few of the staff members believed he would succeed in his program or make positive progress while he was here and very few people in general liked him.

His attitude toward life was not unwarranted. He grew up without a permanent home or family, bouncing around from one foster home to another. He attended almost every single school in the city he grew up in at least one time because he was always moving around. When I talked to him after his first outburst in the classroom he said, “Why are you talking to me anyway? You don’t care if I get my GED.” He didn’t have much support growing up, from family, friends, teachers, anyone.

colo gives day

For some reason, after that first day, he and I got along well and I was able to break through his grouchy exterior and motivate him enough to take some GED tests. After passing a few of the tests, he realized something about himself. He wasn’t a hopeless, stupid, felon who nobody cared about; he is smart and capable and he does have something good to offer himself and the world. Someone was there, caring about his successes and failures, his happiness and sadness, his dreams and stories! That person was me.

On Tuesday, after a lot of time, tantrums, and dedication (from both of us), my student passed his last test and he now has not only a GED, but an opportunity to live a better life! I couldn’t be prouder.

Click on this link to make it possible for CEO to keep polishing up these hidden diamonds in the rough. Thank you for your support.”


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