Colorado Gives Day 2015

Reflections on Success: John’s Story

(Editor’s Note:  I am taking the opportunity to share the following reflection from CEO’s Executive Director Dory Dannettell as we move toward Colorado Gives Day, 2015):

Dannettell, Dory“I love what I get to do every day!  Here’s why…

When John came into our program upon his arrival at the halfway house, he had already passed 3 of the 4 GED tests and had long struggled with the math section.  What started as a full force effort to complete his GED, became increasingly laborious when John also had to find and maintain full time employment, attend groups, and complete prescribed chores. Then came the realization that he was ready to take the final test!  John freaked.

CEO Client: John

CEO Client: John

We’ve all been there, right?  A career-related exam, your final thesis project, or the actual driving test at the DMV, it’s easy to let fear seep in and keep us from our dreams.  What do we do when that happens?

What John did was brilliant.  He kept coming to class, he let others help him, he recognized the fear and did it anyways…and after 9 months of working on this specific goal, he passed the final test and earned his GED!

What sounds like a great ending…but John even did more.  As I spoke with him last week on his final day at the halfway house, he was on his way to sign up with the local college’s welding program. The smile on his face told me how proud he was of himself, and I felt almost like a proud parent!

It’s awkward to ask my colleagues, friends and family for help, but as John taught me…I’m going to feel the fear and do it anyways.  I want to personally ask you to join me and donate to the work I get to do everyday…which you can do right now by clicking on the donate button here:”


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