CEO Clients Volunteer

Community Educational Outreach Clients Support the Jefferson Country Library “Whale of a Sale” Fall Event

BOOK VOL SALECEO recently coordinated an opportunity for ICCS clients to give back to their community. Ten of CEO’s students from the ICCS Men’s Facility assisted the ‘Friends of the Jefferson County Library’ with their fall Whale of a Used Book Sale at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Our client volunteers spent several hours packing boxes of books and cleaning up at the end of the 3 day event. CEO Director, Dory Dannettell, was on hand during the event, noting how hard the work was physically and what a great job the ICCS clients did.


“We so appreciate the additional help!” commented Jo Schantz, Executive Director of the Jefferson County Library Foundation.  It was a great way for CEO to incorporate a service-learning element to their classroom.

Learn more about the Community Educational Outreach Programs – Also visit our Volunteer & Donation pages to learn how you can become involved with a great cause!



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One Response to CEO Clients Volunteer

  1. Jo Schantz says:

    These CEO clients did such a wonderful job in helping our Jeffco Library Foundation with the fall Whale of a Used Book Sale! We couldn’t have finished out the event so quickly and easily without your help. Many thanks from our Foundation and the Friends of the Jefferson County Public Library!!

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