Read To Me Program Arrives at CEO Greeley

Pflock, Lexi(Story submitted by Greeley CEO Instructor – Lexi)

Community Educational Outreach was recently awarded some grant money from the Bessie Minor Swift Foundation to launch the Read to Me program at our Greeley site. The program was developed to allow adults who are currently enrolled at to make a connection with their children and encourage their children to read books. The adults are recorded while reading a book that they have selected for their child.  CEO mails the DVD recording, the book, and a client-composed personal note to the child.  The first round of books and DVDs were recently mailed to children.


Janelle, the CEO instructor in charge of the Read to Me program in Greeley said this about the program: “Read to Me is a great connection to start between the students and their kids. One client in particular shared that he always used to read books to his kids at night so it was great to be able to do that again despite the physical distance between him and his children now. Another client chose Green Eggs and Ham specifically because that was one book that he had read to his kids before he was incarcerated. All the clients have been very thankful and appreciative. It’s also been nice for them to be able to personalize the gift to their children by writing a note to send with the book and DVD.”

One client said this about her experience with the program: “It’s an awesome, touching experience to be able to reach out to our loved ones while in a facility.”

And another client said, “I did it so it could bring me as close to my kids as I could be in the situation that I’m in. I liked it because they get to see me and it’s going to make them happy.”

You can help CEO continue to provide the “Read-To-Me” program by donating new children’s books or by making a donation.  Visit our web site to learn more.

View an example of our Read-To-Me program from our Denver men’s facility.


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