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John Ward is 1st GED at CEO Pueblo!

John Ward 1st CEO Pueblo Grad

John Ward 1st CEO Pueblo Grad

John has been studying with Community Educational Outreach since the Pueblo site opened in January 2015.  He completed his GED June 10th!.  His goal is to go to Pueblo Community College, to pursue Welding or Machining.

Our instructors in Pueblo, Gloria, Angie, and Steve Byerly were instrumental in helping John earn the credential, offering both extensive help with the high level math skills that are now part of the 2014 GED test, and ample encouragement throughout the process. John had previously breezed through Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science portions of the GED test.

John with CEO Instructor

John with CEO Instructor

It was the math that gave John some cause for concern. Though CEO instructors were confident that he had the skills to pass the math section, John was fairly anxious about it and continued to put it off, until Tuesday.  He went with solid advice from instructors and calculator in hand to Pueblo Community College to take the official test.

Celebration Cake for All

Celebration Cake for All

On Tuesday, he learned he had passed the math and completed his GED!  All ICCS residents and staff were invited to celebrate the achievement the very next morning!


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