“Read To Me” Comes to Greeley!

Bessie Minor Swift Foundation
Awards CEO Grant

The Bessie Swift Foundation

The Bessie Minor Swift Foundation

Community Educational Outreach has been selected by the Bessie Minor Swift Foundation on behalf of The Tribune & Swift Communications as a grant recipient to promote CEO’s “Read To Me” program out our Greeley facility.

The “Read To Me” program was initially launched at the CEO Lakewood facilities in the Denver Metro Area about two years ago and has been a very big success.  The new program promotes reading to children by parents/grandparents/relatives who reside at CEO Greeley and cannot be at home or allowed to visit their children.

The grant provides funds to purchase equipment, books, DVDs and fiscal assistance for supporting staff.  The mission statement for The Bessie Swift Foundation is “(We contribute to an informed and active citizenry by supporting programs that promote literacy and educational enrichment within communities served by Swift Communications.” – Visit the Bessie Minor Swift Foundation Web Site

As the program progresses CEO will welcome the donation of children’s books.  Ideal books are in good or excellent condition (they are actually mailed to the children along with the completed DVD) and generally should be of abbreviated duration to permit about a 5-10 minute readying by our Clients.  In addition, books containing fun illustration throughout are very desirable.

Watch our promotional video which was produced at the Lakewood CEO Men’s facility during a winter holiday season.

To arrange for a book donation ontact our staff instructor Lexi at lexi@ceocolorado.org


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One Response to “Read To Me” Comes to Greeley!

  1. Jo schantz says:

    Wonderful news! Worthy program…congrats!

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