Big Thanks to H&R Block & 1st Judicial District!

H&R Block Employees Donate During Their Community Week


Employees at the H&R Block Office at Kipling and Colfax generously selected CEO to donate water bottles, pens, mints, valentines and some other appreciate items.  Their Community Week is February 16th.

Visit the H&R Block Web Site

CEO Benefits from 1st Judicial District “Jeans on Friday” Program


This program works by employees “purchasing” the privilege of wearing blue jeans on a Friday for a $5 donation.  Then, each month a representative of the district, and participant of the Jeans Friday program, gets to choose a charity they would like the month’s cash intake to go to.

This month 1st Judicial employee David Lamb, a Public Defender, kindly selected Community Educational Outreach for a cash donation.

Visit the 1st Judicial District Web Site

CEO extends a big “THANK YOU” on behalf of our hard working clients who are earning their GED’s as well as making big strides towards successful returns to employment and the community.



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