Regis Student Report: #8

A CEO Critical Incident Report
by Jon Zahidi – Regis University

ALERT!  Please remember Community Educational Outreach on “Colorado Gives Day” December

Regis University

Note: A Critical Incident Report is an experience from the student’s time at CEO which has changed, challenged or widened their point of view. The Critical Incident story offers an opportunity to engage in this kind of personal reflection, but, in addition, it allows us to act upon Hannah Arendt’s insistence that stories—ours and others—should be told.

“I actually have been very lucky to work with Mr. Lucky over the past couple of weeks. We did a mock interview as he is applying for a job. After the interview we went over his performance and talked a little more about his stay at ICCS and life in general. What he told me totally shook the reason why I am there at ICCS.

Mr. Lucky will never forget the day when a guard told him that his mother and two daughters were killed in a house fire. He will also never forget the day, approximately one year later, after he was released from prison, when he found out that it wasn’t true.

After being released from his one-year sentence in a maximum security prison in Alabama, he was then transferred to Colorado Department of Corrections. Now he is serving his time at CEO and also being helped through the programs they offer. He made a Facebook account during his stay at ICCS. To his surprise, within a few days he had received friend requests from his two now grown up daughters. The 40 years old father of two now is busy trying to get his GED and apply to a community college.

He says that this experience made him stronger and a person that will not fall again. One thing that shook me as I listened to his fascinating story was that he told me, it is not how you fall, but rather how you stand up. I think as Mr. Lucky goes forth in trying to set his life on the right path, his daughters and family will be so proud of him. I will go forth keeping this basic idea in mind that my fall does not have to determine my future. I can always get up and walk again. CEO is the tool that is helping Mr. Lucky to in order for him to walk again in the society.”


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