Regis Student Intern Team Update

CEO Storytelling Project

Regis students presented an outline to Community Educational Outreach staff members at a recent project meeting conducted at Regis University.

Regis Students Meet with Faculty and CEO Staff at Recent Meeting

Regis Students Meet with Faculty and CEO Staff at Recent Meeting

The outline mapped information gathering, sorting, production and distribution methodology.  Information will be gathered through direct interviews of CEO Clients, staff members and volunteers at three CEO sites.  The first round of interviews will be conducted early in October.

The over reaching objective of the internship program is to improve CEO’s marketing collateral and effectively extend it’s reach into the community at-large with regards to raising public awareness and generating contributions to support program efforts.  Final collateral will result in effective video material as well as stills, audio, storyboards and more.

Colorado Gives Day Target

This year’s Colorado Gives Day will be a test target for the Regis program.  Colorado Gives Day occurs on December 9th, 2014.  It is a 24-hour on-line donation program benefiting hundreds of local non-profits.  Learn more about Colorado Gives Day and CEO here. 


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