Walmart Supports CEO Community Initiatives


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACEO Instructor Ian Stanford working out of the Community Educational Outreach facilities serving Castle Rock and Parker, has been working diligently with local Walmart management over the past two years to cultivate a relationship through meetings and introductory sessions educating about the community services provided by CEO.

School Supplies Fair to Support Local Teachers

Walmart has made generous donations to support the CEO GED program and is also joining with other local businesses to support a Free School Supplies Fair being held in Parker.  The purpose of the event is to assist local teachers through donations of school supplies to six Parker middle schools.  The intent is to alleviate the out-of-pocket expenditures which many teachers incur voluntarily as well as promote and encourage on-going dialogue between teachers and local businesses.

The public is invited to attend and contribute to the the event which will be held at the Parker Library – Saturday, October 4th from 2 PM until 4 PM (10851 South Crossroads Drive).  CEO plans to establish this as an annual event serving the community.

We are also hoping this event will help to facilitate dialog between the schools and the local businesses.  The teachers are having a tough time getting school supplies for their classes thru normal channels and usually have to spend their own money.  If we are able to make this fair a “successful”annual event, it should help reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for our teachers.

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