Regis University Update

Regis Student Internship Launched at CEO

Project to Extend CEO’s Effective Reach into the Community

CEO REGISRegis students Ellen Lundwall, Lauren Craig and Victoria McDonald will be working as a team during the fall semester at Regis to “build a digital archive of materials that better enables CEO to tell the story of its work and the impact of that work to a wide range of audiences.  In turn, this work will serve as a platform for reflection on how a university engages community qua university”.

Ellen - Lauren - Victoria

Ellen – Lauren – Victoria

The project is being guided by Regis professor Dr. Jason Taylor for courses “Independent Study in Peace & Justice”, and “Internship in Peace & Justice”.  Team members meet periodically with Dr. Taylor as well as CEO staff members and volunteers.  Team members will be interviewing staff, volunteers and CEO clients in their material gathering efforts.

Dr. Jason Taylor

Dr. Jason Taylor

Additionally, the Regis students are required to volunteer weekly working one-on-one with CEO clients in pursuit of educational goals.


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