Regis Student Report: #6

A CEO Critical Action Report
by Hanna Winter – Regis University

Regis UniversityNote: A Critical Incident Report is an experience from the student’s time at CEO which has changed, challenged or widened their point of view. The Critical Incident story offers an opportunity to engage in this kind of personal reflection, but, in addition, it allows us to act upon Hannah Arendt’s insistence that stories—ours and others—should be told.

Over the spring semester, I have really enjoyed volunteering at the Intervention Corrections Services (ICCS) West Women’s facility. This experience was exceptional and there have been many moments that have really helped me change the way that I see everything about my life. I also gained great respect and appreciation for those living at the facility.  One particular week I was touched so much by what I experienced that I believe it will impact my life and help to shape my future path.

As usual, Ashley and I were hanging out at the Community Educational Outreach (CEO) center one morning in between helping some ladies and Melissa, one of the supervisors, asked us to do a mock interview for one of the ladies. She needed practice before her real interview the next day and we were happy to help. Melissa gave us some pointers and also a list of questions to ask the lady during the interview. I was a little nervous, but I honestly didn’t think that it would be that difficult because I have been interviewed a few times in my life and I think I did really well during those times.

Read Hanna’s full Critical Incident Report on Our Regis Student Page


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