CEO Trippin’ On the Triple!

 2014 Triple Bypass Affords Funding
for Non-Profits

Screenshot 2014-06-25 09.17.51

For the third year CEO is participating in the fund raising bike event “The Triple Bypass” sponsored by Team Evergreen.  More than 3,500 riders will ride the three pass event on Saturday July 12th and 1,500 will do the “reverse” trip from Avon on Sunday.  One thousand of the Sunday riders are “double” participants – riding the three passes twice in both directions.

Not Too Late to Sign Up! – Assist CEO!

The Sunday event from Avon over Vail, Loveland and Squaw Passes is still open for registrations.  By signing up you will help support not only Community Educational Outreach but many local non-profits.  All volunteer non-profits receive funds from the event.  Team CEO will be manning the reverse event water wagons on Sunday, with teams positioned on each of the three passes inclines.

Visit the Team Evergreen web site to sign up today!


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