Regis Student Report: #5

Regis UniversityNOTE: Critical Incident Reports are the 2nd component requirement of the Regis University intern program.  A “critical incident” is an experience (or small set of connected experiences) from your time at CEO this semester which has changed, challenged or widened (the student’s ) point of view. The following is extracted from the report submitted by Otto Sabina Read tje full report and others on our Regis University Student Page

A CEO Critical Incident Report
by Otto Sabina – Regis University

“When thinking about a critical incident that widened my perspective on my work at CEO one instance stands out.  I was working with a gentleman and we were having trouble connecting and getting through the work.  It was evident that he was capable of completing the work because he had just failed the sections that we were working on in his entry evaluation. At one point he said something about how our lives were completely different and how we were unrelated people.

This is a divide that we have spoken a lot about in our class. He was alluding to this divide because I am a white college student and he is a man of color who has been convicted of a crime. He made a statement about how I would never know what it is like to serve time in jail.  This general statement was certainly something that applied to the majority of the people volunteering at CEO.

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