Regis Student Report: #4

A CEO Mission In Action Report
by Tyler Davolt – Regis University

Regis UniversityNote: A Mission In Action Report relates a student’s experience or small set of connected experiences from their time at CEO which depicts the “mission in action” and provides the reader with a clear perception or vital impression of the beliefs or values espoused by CEO as an institution.  I.E. CEO ‘talks the talk’ – how do they ‘walk the walk’?

Read Tyler’s full report and others on our Regis University Student Page.

Is This Mission Really Possible?

The purpose of CEO, essentially, is to provide educational opportunities to people who were previously involved in the criminal justice system.  This sounds all well and good at arm’s length, but as far as I have been able to tell, many of the people attending CEO do not have the same enthusiasm towards the cause. I can’t say I really blame them.

If someone told me I had to spend a bunch of my time doing fractions and grammar lessons, all just to be considered for the dish washing position at the local Applebee’s, I can’t imagine I’d be too thrilled about it either. It seems unfair to me that a criminal record prevents revival in this way, but I also understand the counter arguments.

Meeting the Challenge

This is the tension in which CEO finds itself in; how do you motivate people to learn something that probably won’t make the slightest impact on them once the GED test is said and done? This is what CEO does well. Everyone I’ve met at the facility I work at is beyond patient and caring with the people they work with.

Read the full report on our Regis University Student page




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