Regis Student Report: #3

Regis UniversityNOTE: Critical Incident Reports are the 2nd component requirement of the Regis University intern program.  A “critical incident” is an experience (or small set of connected experiences) from your time at CEO this semester which has changed, challenged or widened (the student’s ) point of view. The following is extracted from the report submitted by Sean Daru.  Read his full report and others on our Regis University Student Page.

A CEO Critical Incident Report
by Sean Daru – Regis University

“What is your name?”


“What is your last name?”

“You’ll have to buy me dinner first.”

As I said that, the room fell apart in laughter, and the residents started to tease the ICCS worker for confusing me for a resident. They said, “Does he look like us,” and, “He is never going to be in a place like this.” The ICCS worker gave a brief smile, quickly apologized for her mistake, and went on with her work for the day.  As we all settled back into the routine of CEO class work, I could not stop thinking about what had just happened.

“Does he look like us?” I couldn’t help to wonder what deeper meaning this question had; I felt certain that he was not talking about my clothes. Was it my skin color? The way I carried myself? The way I acted? Was there some barrier between myself and the residents that prevented them from being able to identify with me, and if so is that barrier deeper than simply the role of tutor-student?

The concerns I had about the previous quotation did not affect me half as much as the statement, “He is never going to be in a place like this.” I do not know who said it, but I turned in the direction of whoever said it, and told him “Thank you.” I regretted my sentiment of gratitude the moment I uttered it. It was, at least for me, a very complicated and problematic moment. On the one hand I had a resident saying that I would never end up in a place like ICCS, and on the other hand I was thanking him for this observation. I can only explain the painfulness of this exchange by unpacking each quote.

(Visit our Regis University Student page to read the entire report)


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