A History Lesson by CEO Students

History Class Discusses World War II


The Community Educational Outreach’s new client history class met recently and it was time for CEO clients to present the result of their studies – summarizing many of the key events of World War II.  This included effects of the Treaty of Versailles, the seize at Leningrad, the fatality toll on Europe and the World, Japan’s entry into WWII, and the conclusion of the war to name a few topic areas.

Each CEO student was required to stand before the class and summarize a topic area – and then respond to questions.  As a volunteer observer I was very impressed with the session, the depth of the topics presented and the understanding the students had acquired.

The new History Class initiative is voluntary and accompanies another popular class – Science now underway at CEO.  These classes and other initiatives complement the objectives of CEO students in pursuit of their GED’s or elevation of their overall learning skill levels.

You can assist our CEO students in their efforts by supporting our upcoming summer fund raiser “Summer in the City” – July, 26th in Denver downtown “Lo Do” at the Meadowlark Bar.


The exuberant band Gora-Gora  will be performing live at the CEO Summer Event!


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