Success Stories: #6

CEO Greeley, Colorado – Ben’s Story

Greeley CEO FacilityWhen thinking about outstanding students throughout my time with CEO, Ben is one of the first students to come to mind. Growing up, Ben didn’t have much support from his parents and school served primarily as a place for socializing. Ben originally stopped attending school in 8th grade and experienced strong feelings of frustration and anger during his first few months of studying for his GED with CEO.

Despite his struggles and setbacks, Ben excelled in the CEO classroom. In June of 2013, Ben completed his final GED test and earned his high school equivalency diploma. Upon completion, Ben said he “felt good for having done something positive in his life because it’s been pretty negative for some time.”  His friends were surprised and proud of his success.

Today, Ben still comes into the classroom to encourage other students. He tells them, “just keep with it. Study hard and focus on getting done… Getting your GED might be what you need to prove to yourself that we all have potential to do bigger and better things with your life.”

It has truly been a pleasure for us to watch Ben accomplish his goal of earning his GED in our classroom.

CEO at Community Correction in Greeley

CEO at Community Correction in Greeley

Community Educational Outreach serving the Weld County area is located at 1101 H Street within the ICCS facility.  Services are limited to ICCS client only.  CEO Greeley provides adult basic education and secondary education, GED preparation, life skills and job search services.

Visit the CEO web site to learn more about our exciting programs serving at-risk adults in pursuit of a productive and rewarding life


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