Give a Big Hand to LaCroix & Hand!


Community Educational Outreach wishes to extend a hearty “Thank You” to the Grand Junction Law Firm of LaCroix & Hand for their generous contribution to support CEO educational programs.  LaCroix & Hand specializes in family law services for the Colorado Western Slope community.  You can visit the LaCroix & Hand web site to learn more about this Colorado leading law firm.

Their support will make possible the successful pursuit of a GED for at-risk adults who are working hard at CEO to move forward to a rewarding future.  The GED has recently undergone a transformation moving the program on-line and increasing the difficulty for participants – including increasing the programs fees.

Seeking Summer Event Supporters!

CEO is always looking for corporate sponsors for either one-time support or ongoing support.  We are particularly seeking sponsors and donations for our summer fund raising event at the Meadowlark Night Club in lower Denver.  If you would like to contribute to the cause – either monetary support or perhaps door prizes/services please contact us at or call 303-921-8600.

Thank Your for your consideration!


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