Volunteer Spotlight: Rebecca

RebeccaCEO: “Rebecca – tell us a little about yourself.”

Rebecca: “I grew up in New York City, but love living in the West.  I love reading novels and essays, hiking, biking, baking bread, and singing choral music.  I really enjoy Denver, especially the bicycle share program.”

CEO: “What prompted you to volunteer with CEO?”

Rebecca: “I was looking for an opportunity to work closely with other people in a teaching or mentoring capacity and CEO seemed like a perfect way to connect with people in need of help mastering reading and literacy skills.”

CEO: Do you have any special skills or interests that you would like to incorporate into your volunteer work?  OR, if you have been volunteering for a while:  Have you found a way to incorporate your special skills or interests into your volunteer work?

Rebecca: “I would love to get more involved with CEO’s personal finance training.”

CEO: “What do you hope to gain by working with CEO?”

Rebecca: “A personal connection to the students and experience teaching reading and literacy skills.”

CEO: “What do you hope to contribute (to the clients or program) by working with CEO?”

Rebecca: “Greater comfort reading and writing, familiarity with basic grammatical concepts, and confidence in their own intelligence and capacity for learning.”

CEO: “What advice would you like to give to the clients or other volunteers?”

Rebecca: “Be patient!  Advice that applies to most people in most situations.”

Learn more about Volunteering at CEO – Consider supporting our volunteer’s efforts by donating to CEO on Colorado Gives Day (click on the image below)



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Community Educational Outreach Volunteer
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