CEO Success Stories: Part 3

Workin’ at The Car Wash

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car wash

Ramon had just embarked on his CEO job search about a week before I met with him to discuss his job search plan.  He had a pleasant surprise for me when we sat down to talk.

“I’ve landed a job!”  Ramon was excited.  On about his third day on search he was on the public transportation bus and passed by a very large and busy car wash/detailing shop.  Ramon had years ago prior to be arrested, had been the lead detailer in a similar business.

“I knew the fast pace demands of a good detailer and although I thought I would not be as fast as the younger employees, I believed I could still keep up.”

So Ramon disembarked from the bus and in short order located the working manager.

“I walked up to him and asked if they had any openings.  He told me that they really weren’t currently looking for car washers.  I told him I was fine with washing cars but what I really excelled at was detailing cars in a fast paced operation line.  Then I told the manager I would like to demonstrate my skills.  So I offered to work for a half day – on-the-spot.”

That got the manager’s attention.  So right there, Ramon was paired up with his best and fastest detailer.  The detailers work in pairs – one on each side.

“So what we had was a contest more or less and the first car came down the line.”

The result?  While Ramon didn’t quite have the speed of his competition – he was very close and his work was impeccable.  To top it off – after a few hours on the line – the manager learned that Ramon had supervised a busy detailing operation.  He landed the job and was on his way because he more than went the extra mile.

You can help our job seekers at Community Educational Outreach by supporting us with a donation on Colorado Gives Day – this December 10th.  Your donation will help purchase study materials for those working on their GED or to improve their literacy levels, as well with the purchase of job search supplies and computer workshop technology.


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