Volunteer Spotlight: Lauren DeRosier

Community Educational Outreach is very fortunate to have obtained the volunteer services from dedicated people throughout the Denver Community.  Meet Lauren DeRosier – a CEO Volunteer Tutor:

“I started with CEO a couple of years ago to fulfill a service learning requirement through Regis University. After the semester ended, I realized I enjoyed working with the clients at CEO and continued tutoring. I’ve always enjoyed numbers and have fun working with the guys on their math skills.

I feel I consistently get more out of each tutoring session than I give the students. Each session I try to give clients tips and pointers to continue studying on their own, and try to give them real life meaning to all the numbers. Frequently I will phrase math questions in terms of money or try to apply it to their jobs.

It’s rewarding to see the work and effort clients are willing to put into studying for the GED or working on increasing their math skill level when they have numerous other challenges and problems to think about. Though clients frequently turnover, being able to establish some connection with clients for a few weeks keeps me coming back!”


About craigr244

Community Educational Outreach Volunteer
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