CEO Success Stories: Part 2

Not Missing the Bus!

Catch bus

Client Sara had been on job search for about two months while at Community Educational Outreach.  She was concentrating her search primarily in the downtown area of Denver.  Sara shares this with us:

“I had planned my job search day as I always do, a few days in advance of my actual search.  I just stepped off the bus on Broadway, and I saw a coffee shop nearby.  I knew they would be very busy in the morning hour but thought I could just check to see if they were accepting applications.  I was told they were not hiring but that I could fill out an application.

The employee behind the counter could not locate an application however.  She apologized and then quickly returned to work.  I remembered there was a another sister store in the downtown area so I hopped on another bus and went to that location.  They were not hiring either but I did fill out an application. When I was finished with the application I told them about the other store running out.  I asked them if I might take some forms up to that store.  They gladly passed me a handful and I was off.  I returned the forms to the other store, with one filled out for myself and then continued my search for the day.

Then, about a week later I was again downtown to continue my search.  I passed by the coffee shop and decided just to quickly check in.  When I walked into the shop, the employee immediately recognized me and asked me to stay.  She went to the back room and came back with the manager.  She said “This is the young lady I told you about who brought applications from our other store.”

The result, the manager hired her on the spot!  Going the extra mile paid off in a big way!

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  1. Paula says:

    Congratulations, Sara!

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