CEO Success Stories: Part 1

Neither Rain – Nor Sleet – Nor Snow…..

Rider in snow

John was a Community Educational Outreach (CEO) client searching for work as all client’s are required to do as part of their transition program.  I met with John for a practice interview session.  I was pleased to learn that he had just landed a job in a Denver warehouse facility.

I asked him to share how his interview went for this job and here is his story:

“I was canvassing the warehouse district off of I-70 in West Denver, going from door-to-door to see what I could drum up.”  Most places weren’t hiring.  But I would still put in a request to fill out an application – and I would leave a copy of my resume behind.

Finally at what was to be my last stop for the day – I was departing the business on my bike which I take out on interviews to better cover the neighborhoods.  The business owner called out to me “Hey wait a minute!  Could you please come back in?”

John parked his bike, went back in to the facility and after a brief interview, was offered a job.  Seems the employer was impressed not only by John’s mode of transportation, but even more by the fact that John was plugging away on his worn and old mountain bike, in the middle of a raging snow storm!

He told John “When I looked out and saw you plowing through that snow on a bike  – I knew I found exactly the right person for this job!”

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