Meet Luke Curtis

CEO Lakewood’s New Staff Instructor

Welcome aboard Luke.  Tell us a bit about your background before joining up with CEO.

I was a college tutor throughout my 4 years of college at Regis University. While at Regis, I majored with a bachelor of arts in Sociology and a minor in psychology with volunteer projects throughout. I also served with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps from 2010-2011 in the city of Philadelphia, where I lived in an intentional community focused on simple living, spirituality, community and social justice. My work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as a paralegal at a nonprofit bankruptcy agency led me to believe in the importance of helping those less fortunate to better themselves.

How did you locate CEO?

I came into contact with CEO through Regis University, where I met with a previous professor of mine to help look for nonprofit work in Denver. Given my background in tutoring work, CEO sounded attractive and I emailed Jessica about any open positions.

What were your responsibilities at the ICCS West women’s facility?

My first duties at West included assisting with building resumes and cover letters. I also took over tutoring math for any client who needed help. Last, I helped clients with post-testing and any other one-on-one tutoring needs they might have had.

How does that contrast with your new assignment?

Moving to Lakewood, my new duties will include tracking our GED students as they progress through the program, the “Read to Me” program, administering TABE testing, and math tutoring. I’m sure there are a lot of other things, but those are the main jobs I can think of. Feel free to add more as you probably know more than I do.

What do you find most satisfying in your work here to-date?

It’s an immeasurable pleasure to see the clients at West moving upward and onwards through the ICCS/CEO program, obtaining employment, and increasing their grade equivalent for various subjects. It has been enjoyable to take my belief on the importance of education and to spread it amongst any of the clients I work with.

What do you see as your primary challenge in this new job?

The biggest challenge I see ahead would be making sure that I am meeting the needs of each client that comes through the door. Focusing on individual attention and making sure we can set up a client with tutors, workshops, etc. is paramount to the entire program’s efficacy.

Do you have any words of advice for future CEO would-be staffers?
If you’ve ever helped anyone before (be it on homework, resume, tips on life, etc.) and it brings you happiness, I would absolutely recommend passing that knowledge on to our clients at CEO. It’s a rewarding position that allows a volunteer or employee to DIRECTLY influence clients. Knowing that you were integral to a client passing their GED and thus expanding their opportunities in life is a fantastic feeling and I highly recommend it.

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